Flood of Opportunities

One of the best things about being an RC in my opinion, is the focus on professional development. Volunteer Maryland is very supportive in helping you identify your area(s) of interest ( Training, Outreach or Program Development) and allowing you to take hold of the reins and gain some valuable experience. Volunteer Maryland is constantly finding new ways to help us develop as professionals and improve our leadership skills. A more recent example of this is our weekly Support Team Meeting. As members of the Support Team, we each take turns with  meeting facilitation. As of yesterday, the first 15-20 minutes of each meeting will be devoted to learning about a new resource, or developing a new skill or learning about a best practice in volunteer management or reviewing tips for non-profit professionals. The reason for this is twofold: To continue to increase our knowledge to help better support our VMCs and VISTAs and in doing so enable us to practice our public speaking/training skills.

I have really enjoyed getting involved with the Outreach aspect of Volunteer Maryland. Patrice, our Outreach Manager gave us the opportunity to table at schools over the coming months to promote Volunteer Maryland. We were granted the autonomy to select which schools to visit, we share the responsibility of tabling and then report back to Patrice with new contacts and an overall summary.

Over the past month I have tabled at Goucher College, McDaniel College and Stevenson University respectively. In addition, I attended the University of Maryland Criminal Justice Career Fair. This week Laura and I will be traveling to Frederick, MD to table at her Alma Mater, Hood College.

I really enjoy speaking to people about what I’m passionate about and trying to generate interest and involvement. I honestly find Outreach to be really fun and recognize its significance and role in the non-profit sector.

I have been so fortunate to have an opportunity to serve in AmeriCorps and to serve as a Regional Coordinator with Volunteer Maryland. I feel like I just continue to grow and learn and the opportunities just keep pouring in. This Friday Lauren and I will be providing a training on the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to Project CHANGE, in a few weeks I’ll be attending the Loyola University Career Fair and next month I’ll be traveling to New Orleans to attend the Continuity Insights Management Conference ( See blog post from 2/10).

(Linda, giving her presentation ” Scenario Thinking as a Profesional Development Tool” at our Support Team Meeting)


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