Judge Katelyn

As a Regional Coordinator for Volunteer Maryland, I am also a part of the Governor’s Office. This is just another added benefit of being an RC for VM. As a result, I have had the opportunity to MEET the Governor and volunteer alongside him and his staff at a Habitat for Humanity build on 9/11/09, present an Honor Rows recipient their Youth Service Award and attend a Ravens game for FREE, and more recently serve as a judge for the Governor’s Volunteer Service Awards Nominations Review.
I am grateful for having been offered all of these opportunities. However, being a part of the nomination’s review was an incredible experience. Luckily, there were about 15-20 judges helping with the review process and this was good because the Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism (GOSV) received 200 nominations this year! The nominations are broken down into various categories. First,  to identify whether the nominee is an individual or an organization/program  and then from there, there are a number of different categories including but not limited to, awards for youth, adults, seniors, for-profit business, non-profit organizations and faith-based organizations.

I was given the task of reviewing all nominations within the faith-based community. We had about 20 nominations to read through and there were three of us sharing this responsibility. We divided up all of the nominations and each took turns reading through the applications. We ranked each application with a number from 1-5, using the selection criteria as our point of reference.

It was truly inspiring to read about all of the great work that our fellow Marylanders are doing! It sincerely moved me and left me more motivated to leave my mark. I almost felt guilty ranking the applications because regardless of the score, every nominee was worthy of praise for their commitment to service and their benevolent acts.

I was surprised but honored to find out that I am invited to attend the Governor’s Volunteer Service Awards Celebration on April 19, 2010. I am looking forward to putting a face to the top two or three organizations that we helped select to receive this prestigious award for 2010.


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