It’s All in How You Frame It

I’ve been spending more of my free time exploring Baltimore and taking pictures of what I find.  It’s a great way to relax, and I get to learn a bit more about the city that I live in.  Often, someone will make a comment about the camera I use – it’s quite old as cameras go.  The model was first built in 1966.  It’s a far cry from digital, but that’s how I like it.

Something I spend a lot of time on when I’m taking a picture is how I’m going to frame the subject.  Putting the subject just anywhere in the frame and pushing a button will produce an image, but it might not be anything that anyone would want to look at or consider buying.  The frame the subject sits in matters a lot to a photograph.

How you frame your AmeriCorps experience is important, too.  Keeping a positive view of your service year is hard sometimes.  Just like a photographer, if you spend a little bit of time framing, you can get something awesome out of something that might not seem to be worthwhile.  Spending a little time reflecting on your AmeriCorps experience can be a good exercise.  You might be reminded of why you joined in the first place, the people you’ve helped, and the things you’ve accomplished.


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