Alumni Networking Dinner

Tonight, I will be attending the McDaniel College Alumni Networking Dinner. Every year McDaniel hosts this event to provide its graduating seniors and underclassmen with an opportunity to network with alumni, learn about different career paths and explore employment opportunities. It is also a great way for students, and particularly seniors, to ease into the “real world” and learn how to market themselves professionally.
This will be my second time attending the dinner. However, this time I am attending as an alumnus of the college to promote Volunteer Maryland. Each table at the dinner is made up of approximately six students and two alumni. Through casual conversation with the students, I will discuss Volunteer Maryland’s programs, inform them about our opportunities for serving as either an AmeriCorps VISTA or State member and answer any general questions they may have about AmeriCorps.
I am really looking forward to ths event for many reasons. Firstly, I get to return to my alma mater and give back, which I think is very important. Secondly, I get to talk about a program that I am proud to stand behind and proud to be a part of. Thirdly, I too am still learning how to market myself professionally. I am excited for this opportunity because it provides me with yet another venue  at which I can work on offering more effective and thorough outreach.  Oh, and I can’t forget the free food. An AmeriCorps member never passes up an opportunity to eat free food.  🙂

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