I think the best kind of jobs are those where you can refer to your co-workers as family.  I consider myself exceptionally lucky because not only do I have my VM family but my Volunteer Center Serving Howard County/Columbia Association family as well.

My role as an RC is slightly different from my colleagues’ as I do not work out of VM’s main office.  In Lauren’s latest blog post she mentioned her host site placement.  My host site this year has been The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County, in Columbia. I’m not going to lie, at times I feel sad that I do not work with my VM co-workers (particularly on “Dance Break Friday’s”) but I love that I get to work with such funny, kind, women. Yes, I said women because my office is all female!

When I first arrived at my host site, I was definitely intimidated. Not only was I beginning a new job but I was working in a completely different office away from my co-workers and organization. I was welcomed by everyone in the office and a mini-lunch was planned for me on my first day. Since, then I have had the opportunity to get to know many of the people who work in the building and have even formed some special friendships.

Yesterday, we had a luncheon in our Board Room. We are starting a new tradition in our office and  from here on out, we will be celebrating birthday’s on a bi-monthly basis. Yesterday , we celebrated two birthdays, one of them being Mickey Gomez’s (Executive Director of The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County).  We had a pot luck style lunch where everyone brough something to contribute.  It was an overall fun and happy occasion and I am looking forward to the next pot luck in June!

Below, please notice the hilarity of the sign my co-worker, Dale, posted in the break room to protect her porcupine meatballs. In case you can’t decipher the words, the sign reads, ” Please do not mess with my porcupines-Thanx!” 🙂


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