A Special Treat

Things have been really busy lately in my personal AmeriCorps universe. I’ve been focusing a lot of energy on planning various aspects for Destination AmeriCorps, a networking event for AmeriCorps members serving in Maryland (click here  to register and click over here  if you’d like to follow the event on Twitter). My only wish during this planning process is that there were more hours in the day (I bet you know how that feels!). It’s been great concentrating on a project that I am passionate about but today I am looking forward to an end of the week treat- a joint regional meeting with Katelyn’s region of Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.
I’ve definitely blabbed in former blog entries about my love for connecting with people but I need to repeat it again- I really enjoy the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. Not only that, it has been very heart-warming to be a companion of the VMCs’ throughout their service year. I’m very proud of the personal and professional progress each of them have made.
Hanging out with Baltimore VMCs at our February Regional Meeting
While I’ve been closely following the journeys of 9 members, I have been hearing bits and pieces of the rest of the Volunteer Maryland state members’ stories from other support members. I am especially excited for tomorrow’s regional meeting because I’ll be able to hear more about the other members’ experiences. I also hope that this joint meeting will give the members from my region an opportunity to have fun, better get to know their peers, and gain more resources and encouragement from those in similar working situations. This multi-faceted opportunity is one of the beneficial aspects of AmeriCorps- the network of support. While the professional opportunities are invaluable, there is a special dynamic of camaraderie and close teamwork. You know that even when times get tough, you have your fellow teammates there to cheer you on. I’m very grateful for that support and am happy I can help provide a bit of that to others.
Right now is a busy time for many of the members. Many of them are deeply involved in training volunteers they spent months recruiting for, finishing policies and procedures, or starting to figure out ways to sustain their programs for when their contract ends. A nice break is definitely something all of them deserve, and I think the meeting tomorrow (which will include ice cream) might do the trick. 🙂

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