It’s a Collaborative Effort

It’s that time of year again, folks! Can you believe it? It is already time for Volunteer Maryland to begin selecting VM Class 23 Service Sites and Volunteer Maryland Coordinators. It’s hard to believe that the service year is already winding down.

At the moment VM is in hyper-Site Visit mode with regard to potential Service Sites for next year. This is a collaborative effort for members of the Support Team as we each share responsibility in reading Site Applications. For the next month or so RCS and staff are teaming up and hitting the road, traveling around the state, conducting Site Visits to determine which organizations would best fit our program.

Do RCs play an active role in these Site Visits? Of course! VM is just pretty spectacular like that. Like many other things, VM is allowing us to take the reins and have an opportunity to develop and try something new. During the visits the RC and Staff Lead share in the facilitation of the meeting. This is not only beneficial for the RC but also for VM and the prospective partner site. Service Site selection is a collaborative effort and I think it’s honestly flattering that VM makes it a point to include RCs in the process.

Now, for those of you who are “regulars” to our blog, you obviously know I am an outreach dork. So I’m pretty much loving the month of May right now. Service Sites for Class 23 will be chosen by June 4, 2010. We have a great pool of applicants this year and I’m excited to see the final outcome. I’m confident that VM 23 will be a great one!

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