Destination AmeriCorps

At this very moment I would normally be at my desk or meeting with an AmeriCorps member. Instead, I am meeting with not just one or two members but close to 100 individuals from the AmeriCorps world! The networking event I wrote about in March, Destination AmeriCorps, is today! Hooray, it has finally arrived!

The whole planning process for this 2 hour event has been a journey. It has been fun yet scary as I’ve had to juggle many different tasks in order to make this a smooth process. As a first time planner of such a large event, I sadly must admit that I previously took for granted all of the work that is required in event planning. All of the detail of decoration, registration, publicity, and general management requires discipline that my multi-tasking mind was challenged by. It has definitely been a unique learning experience. I could have not done this without the support of my VMers! I am fortunate to work with such an encouraging team that has kept me focused and inspired throughout this process, and helped me to not feel like I was going crazy! :p

AmeriCorps members from programs such as Project CHANGE, A STAR! In Western Maryland, Civic Works and others will be in attendance today. We are planning to start off the event with a short period of networking activities. The registrants have been split into 3 groups and will participate in three different games: a business card shuffle, speed networking, and a want/have activity using post-it notes. After the activity, we will have an hour of general networking and mingling. During this time period AmeriCorps members will have a chance to win door prizes from businesses including Ledo Pizza, Trader Joe’s, and Home Depot. We also have a cool game for people to play called “Stamps Across Maryland.” Questions about AmeriCorps programs in Maryland will be posted around the room and members will have to network with others to find the answers. Each member will receive a “passport” which will contain not only a business card holder but room to receive stamps for each correct answer. If a member gets 6 stamps in their passport, they are eligible to win a prize of a free Pizza Hut pizza voucher and an energy efficient light bulb donated by Civic Works. Fun times!

Check back soon for pictures and stories from Destination AmeriCorps!

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