There’s Always Time for Fun in the Sun

One of the best things about being a Regional Coordinator is that there is always a good excuse to have fun! Part of our role as an RC is to foster a sense of regional identity and to coordinate opportunities for the Volunteer Maryland Coordinators to come together. As the service year is slowly winding down, I have found that there isn’t as much of a need for region meetings as there was in the beginning and middle of the year. Right now, I think the VMCs benefit more from hanging out with their fellow AmeriCorps members, taking some time away from their desk, and having a little fun.

Last Friday, two of my VMCs and I (the other VMCs in my region couldn’t make it) had a picnic at Wilde Lake Park in Columbia and then went out for ice cream. It was a beautiful day-not a cloud in the sky.  At first, we sat right next to the lake, listened to music, ate and chatted. When it was simply too hot to bear any longer, we moved to a shady spot on the grass. It was very relaxing and I think we all appreciated the down time and the relaxing environment.  We all laughed and joked about how difficult it would be to return to work on a Friday after sunbathing and eating for a couple of hours.

Nevertheless, I think it’s really important to take time away from work to re-center yourself and just allow yourself a break. I really enjoy reconnecting with my VMCs and I am looking forward to planning a few more gatherings such as this in the future.  If anyone has any cool suggestions, I would love to hear them.


3 thoughts on “There’s Always Time for Fun in the Sun

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