Running Towards the Finish

This Saturday, June 5, 2010 marks the end of a very exciting and meaningful experience for me. The girls that I coach through Howard County Girls on the Run will complete their season by running the Howard County Library 5K race.

They have worked so hard since March to build up the endurance and strength to participate in this event. We had our last practice two weeks ago and it was nice to see how our seven girls have bonded over the course of the season. They received cute pink Girls on the Run t-shirts to wear during the race and they spent the last 20 minutes or so of practice signing each other’s shirts.

We will be joined by the three other Howard County schools’ students who participate in Girls on the Run. Collectively, we should makeup about 50 of the race participants that day. With all of us displaying our Girls on the Run t-shirt, I am hoping the program will gain publicity as Howard County Girls on the Run is looking to broaden its reach by expanding to more Howard County schools.

I honestly consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to volunteer as an Assistant Coach with this amazing program. I have seen first hand how unique and special the program really is and how well the girls mature and grow throughout the season. I am looking forward to running with the girls on Saturday but know that I will be sad when it is all over. I guess that’s when you know you’ve had a fulfilling volunteer experience though, right?

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