Reflection and Sunshine

Yesterday was a computer-centered day for me. I spent the day catching up with VMCs over the phone but mostly worked on ongoing projects online. Although the view from the 15th floor displayed a somewhat gloomy and overcast day, I couldn’t help but think about some nice times I’ve had during these beautiful summer days. A healthy dose of sunshine, as Katelyn excellently explained, does the mind and spirit wonders. The day to day grind of procedures and steady glances at the computer can really get to be too much at times and we all crave an escape. I, like Katelyn, have been trying to incorporate the outdoors in my connection with the VMCs for some ways to encourage and inspire them.
Posing by the Fishmobile

In May members of my region and I visited Michel at her site, the Phillips Wharf Environmental Center, for our monthly regional meeting. It was a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore. Michel gave us a really thorough and interesting tour of the site, which included explanations about the collections of horseshoe crabs, turtles, puffer fish, seahorses, and many more sea critters. PWEC provides hands-on environmental education for its visitors. A creative component of this organization is their Fish Mobile, a bookmobile transformed into a travelling educational exhibit equipped to show off different live specimens. It was VERY cool seeing everything! We also were treated to a boat ride around Tilghman Island (where PWEC is located), during which we were able to discuss both sustainability plans for nonprofits and the history of the island and the Chesapeake Bay.

Last weekend a group from the region and I went on a camping trip to Assateague State Park. This wasn’t considered a regional meeting but a time to get away and take a fun vacation! It was so peaceful listening to nothing but the ocean waves and birds at night. We enjoyed taking walks along a secluded, gorgeous beach in the mornings and had a blast catching up about our lives under the stars we rarely take the chance to patiently admire in our daily lives. We all left refreshed, a key accomplishment of this trip.
If you haven’t recently attempted to take or plan a vacation, a break, or a time just laying out in the sun- do it soon!

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