Sherry Logan

Sherry Logan is a woman in a man’s organization.  That’s not to say that the organization that she works with is all about sports and barbecue.  Mentoring to Manhood works with young men in Prince George’s county from twelve to eighteen years old.  These young men are dealing with low self-confidence, poor academic performance, and disruptive family changes.  Mentoring to Manhood tries to counter the negative impact of these situations by providing a tutoring program and positive male role models for the young men in the program. 

Mentoring to Manhood, by design, is a male-oriented program.  Men are working with young men, helping them to be successful in school and in their communities.  Working in an all male organization was a challenge for Sherry at the beginning of her service year.  Before Sherry started working with Mentoring to Manhood, their volunteer pool was all male.  Sherry worked to include women from the community in some of what the organization does.  Sherry has shown that women are able to be a positive influence on a young male’s growth into manhood, and has found a role for the women who want to volunteer with Mentoring to Manhood. 

Sherry is tireless in her outreach efforts.  A lot of her time is spent at community events trying to recruit volunteers for Mentoring to Manhood’s programs.  The events aren’t always successful for recruitment, but Sherry has made a lot of contacts that she’s used to help improve her program.  “I’ve had the opportunity to network with so many organizations and service leaders that’s it’s unbelievable in terms of the impact it is having on my life.” 

Sherry has gotten to work with, and for, Mentoring to Manhood’s mentees.  She has helped to plan events for these young men, and has helped to show them how serving and supporting your community is an important part of being a successful man.  Sherry joined Mentoring to Manhood’s mentors and mentees at the National Association for the Study of African American Life & History Black History Luncheon and volunteered with them, while using the opportunity to teach the young men networking skills. 

When Sherry isn’t working with Mentoring to Manhood, she volunteers as a docent at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art, and is running workshops on African Aesthetics.  Because of the dedication she’s shown to the Smithsonian’s program, she’s been invited to become a member of the docent council.  After her service year, she’ll be going back to school to pursue her PhD in educational psychology.


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