Lamine N’dour

Lamine N’dour joined Volunteer Maryland as our first legacy.  His father was a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at the Seat Pleasant Community Development Corporation where Lamine now serves.  Lamine is working to recruit volunteers for the education programs that the Seat Pleasant CDC provides for members of the community.

During the school year, Lamine worked with schools in the community to provide students with homework help and to help students prepare to take the SATs.  Now that school is out for the summer, he’s trying to start a program to show students how to run a successful business.  With a little bit of seed money and help from business leaders in the community, he’s trying to show local students that entertainment and athletics aren’t the only ways to be successful in life, and that no matter where you’re going to be successful, you’ll need a solid educational base to build success on.

Lamine also manages the volunteers for the Seat Pleasant CDC’s GRE tutoring program.  Managing the volunteers and reaching out to clients had been one of Lamine’s biggest challenges this year.  When the program started, there was a lot of interest from community members to serve as tutors for the program but no one had signed up to take part in the program.  Once the program attracted clients, most of the potential volunteers had moved on.  After working with some of the program participants, the remaining volunteers moved on, leaving Lamine to fill in as a tutor while he tried to recruit new volunteers.

 Lamine’s also facing challenges getting community members involved with the CDC in general.  Outreach attracts people who say that they’re interested, but direct contact hasn’t attracted a lot of volunteers.  Lamine is taking the challenge of turning interest into action in stride, though.

Even with a seeming lack of community buy-in, Lamine is still trying to improve his program and to set it up for success after his service year is over.  Lamine is looking into moving the tutoring programs out of the CDC’s offices and into the schools for the next school year.  This way, programs can take advantage of the resources available in the schools, and can provide activities to get students involved with the Seat Pleasant CDC’s programs other than just through tutoring.


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