Honoring those Serving Overseas

I have to admit some weeks I experience a little bit of writer’s block when it comes time for my weekly blog entry. I feel like a lot of things are winding down in VM world yet I still want to continue to offer readers something interesting and different each week.
This happened to me yesterday morning as I was trying to brainstorm the subject of my post. However, I quickly remembered that I totally have something exciting to share!

A while back I signed on to help with volunteer recruitment for Camp F.E.V.E.R (Fitness, Environment, Volunteerism, Education, and Responsibility) through The Maryland Umbrella Group . I was very excited to have been presented this opportunity because it allowed me to do what my VMCs do on a daily basis.

Camp F.E.V.E.R was in need of three types of volunteers in particular; bus drivers for weekly excursions, office help on Mondays and guest speakers to speak on one of the camp’s five focus areas.

I quickly got to work recruiting as many volunteer speakers as I could as this was the greatest need. A big thank you goes out to Lauren and Linda as they were my first volunteers to step up to the task!

I decided that I myself wanted to volunteer and chose to facilitate a letter-writing session where the campers write and decorate their own letters which will be sent to men and women serving overseas. I thought this would be a great example of volunteerism and especially relevant around the July 4th holiday.

I came across this site which has been very helpful in providing me with names. One thing I like in particular about this site is it allows you to choose the addresses of those serving in all branches of the military. I have tried my best to pick an equal amount of men and women and to also get a good variety of addresses from each branch of the armed services.

Last week, I went out and picked up red paper, glue sticks, patriotic confetti and as of now I am still on the hunt for some quality American flag stickers. I tried the Dollar Store, Walmart, and Party City and had no luck. I am hoping to get to Michael’s in the next few days to scout out their scrapbooking aisle. If any of you know where I could locate such stickers, I would be very appreciative to hear of your suggestions!

Also, if any of you know where I might be able to best recruit individuals to serve as volunteer bus drivers ( a Commercial Driver’s License is necessary), that would be a huge help as well! Or, if you or anyone else you know would be interested in volunteering as a guest speaker or as an assistant in the office, that would be fantastic:)

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