Attempts to Create Calm Within the Storm

I’ve mentioned before that I have the pleasure of having Camp Fire USA Patuxent Area Council as a host site. I devote a small percentage of my work week to their programs, and in exchange they let me use their office space and equipment. Moving over to Camp Fire was a bit of a shock to the system a few months ago, what with being crowded out in my office by art supplies and overhearing the occasional guitar lesson outside my door. The past few weeks have been even crazier though because, much like at The Maryland Umbrella Group, summer time means one thing: camp! Mind you, I’m by no means camp staff but we’re in tight quarters so I still see most of what’s going on.

Just this past week, I’ve seen a fire truck (although I stayed inside while the kids got to go through it), witnessed a pizza party with fight fighter and policemen guests and rather young servers, learned how rain sticks are made, heard interesting new slang after a field trip to pirate boats, and saw definitely that children will happily munch on fruit without even complaining so long as you don’t offer junk food as an alternative. Thirsty? Drink some water. Hungry? Have an apple. If only it were that easy with adults 🙂

I’ve also gained an entirely new understanding of my surroundings- it’s amazing how our understanding of our environment changes based on the situations we’re in. I know where the closest convenience, grocery, and discounts stores are and how to determine whether time or cost is more important in a given situation. Most importantly, perhaps, I’ve discovered the outdoor stairwell where there is shade, cell phone reception and quiet! That’s right, folks. It’s a good thing I love being outside ’cause that’s where you’ll find me if the person on the other end of the line doesn’t want to go deaf.

Next week everyone is going to be off at sleepaway camp and I look forward to the breather and chance to recollect myself a bit. I’ll also need to try to be proactive about when everyone comes back. Maybe­ some headphones? I can definitely use some advice on if anyone else has experience with needing to create their own sanctuary within a bit of chaos.

For now though, off to work; If I get enough done, I plan to re-engage during my lunch break. After all, who in their right mind would miss a noontime showing of Where the Wild Things Are?

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