Today I am facilitating the last regional meeting for my group, the G-Team, at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, MD . Once again, I am going with the outdoors and sunshine as main attractions for this event. There will be a beach, pizza generously donated from Papa John’s, games, trails, and good times. I’ve been religiously checking the weather reports and am crossing my fingers that partly cloudy and 89 degrees is an accurate prediction for the day.

Since this is our last meeting, I wanted to give the members a small going away gift. I did some research online and discovered a helpful article on creating inexpensive graduation gifts for AmeriCorps members, which was exactly what I was looking for. The idea that I connected with the most was the survival gift for post-AmeriCorps life. At the start of my service year, VM’s director, Maureen, gave the VM support team a similar little gift with survival items for the year. I was really touched by the creativity and thoughtfulness of this idea, and I’m hoping that my little bags will have the same effect. I also decided to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker of all of the pictures of the G-Team from beginning to the end of the service year. It was really fun to make, not only because I enjoyed jamming to the music I added, but it was cool being able to visually reflect on an entire year of service.

At our first meeting as a region, I brought up the idea of having a team name. After throwing around some random words and ideas, we decided to stick with the G-Team. Honestly, I cannot remember how we came to this conclusion, but we decided that the G in our name would change whenever we wanted and would represent how we were throughout the year. It could refer to green (in reference to all of the greening, environmental projects organized), great, grand, graceful…the list goes on. The hilariousness, creativity, and flexibility of this group name truly represents my region and I can’t wait to end our year together with the same energy.

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