Time Flies

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Time flies,” about a billion times throughout your life. That adage epitomizes exactly how I feel right now. Where did the last two years go, and how did they fly by so quickly?

Since the end of my college days I have been involved with Volunteer Maryland, and I can’t imagine spending my time in any other way. As I write this, I am still soaking in the fact that I am officially an alum of AmeriCorps.

VM 21 Finale: The end of my first AmeriCorps year!

As Michael mentioned, the last day of the service year was on Tuesday, and we spent it celebrating at an amazingly lovely marina on Kent Island. The day was full of congratulations, reflections, and goodbyes. Throughout the ceremony of congratulations, we had the pleasure of receiving advice and reflections from our keynote speaker, Darryl Jones, CEO of Maryland Nonprofits. I enjoyed his wisdom that he passed along to our class, and felt he particularly made a good point in stating that this is not the end, but only the beginning of a lifetime of serving others. I think that as an AmeriCorps member it’s important to remember that. The year goes by fast, and while our jobs are intended to accomplish much with a short time frame, we should remember that our work can be continued and sustained for years to come. Not only that, the AmeriCorps experience should serve as a reminder that we all have the capability to not only shape the lives of others, and be aware of the needs of our community, but strive to grow as leaders no matter where we are in life.

Volunteer Maryland more than emphasized that special kind of personal power for me. Through encouragement and coaching from the VM staff and facing the task of handling real challenges in the community, I developed a sense of self-confidence and strength that I feel I will carry for my lifetime. The friendships I gained and the lessons I learned from others gave me a clear perspective on life that I don’t think I could have received elsewhere.

Although I am now an alum, I am not quite done with Volunteer Maryland! At the end of August I will be starting a new adventure as Program Manager for the VMC program. I am incredibly excited to work with a whole new group of dedicated individuals, learn more from the awesome VM staff, and continue to grow professionally.

VM 22 Finale: End of my second AmeriCorps year!

Thank you to all I have met and been inspired by. Congratulations to VM Class 22, and I look forward to meeting Class 23! 😀


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