The Service Cycle Begins Again!

I can hardly believe it’s the last day of August.  It’s been a fast-moving couple of weeks.  We’ve closed out Volunteer Maryland Coordinator Class 22, kept in touch with the new VISTA members as they’ve begun to acclimate to their new assignments and offices, and we’re been preparing like crazy for Class 23.  Class 23!!

The summer, as always, is filled with anticipation.  Our Outreach Manager, Patrice, spends her summer recruiting, screening, interviewing, and matching new AmeriCorps members with nonprofit organizations throughout Maryland – our Service Sites.  Now, with just two weeks until we begin Pre-Service Training, we know we’re in the final stretch.  Most of our positions are filled and we’re hankering to get started.  One of the best parts of getting started happens tomorrow when we’re joined by three new members.

Two of the members, Corrine and Megan, were VM Coordinators this past year.  They’re now joining us as Regional Coordinators.  A brand new face is also joining the VM team tomorrow; Maggie has relocated from Indiana in order to serve as our newest VISTA Leader.  I’ve spoken with Maggie on the phone and can’t wait to meet her in person.

There we go: the service cycle starts again.  Who knows what this year will bring?  We know we have some pretty amazing AmeriCorps members who are about to embark on a year of intense service.  We know volunteer programs will be built and improved at organizations that serve children, the environment, families suffering from homelessness, and more.  We know that at least 5,000 community members will volunteer with our programs to meet these needs.  We know lives will be changed forever.  (I know mine will.  I have never met an AmeriCorps member who doesn’t make me want to do more, to do better, to work harder.)

So tomorrow we’ll jump in with orientation, then we’ll quickly hit the ground running.  Maggie will get to know our 16 VISTA members who started serving one month ago; Corrine and Megan will get ready to help train and support more than 30 VM Coordinators who will start on September 15.   Soon, you’ll get to meet them and hear their stories, too.

For now, wish us luck as we begin our next service adventure!  We’ll keep you posted along the way.

– Maureen, VM Director


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