Off to see the Wizard!

I started this new position with Volunteer Maryland on a great day; my birthday. I looked at it as a transition into a new awareness, into a new set of rules governed by a new knowledge about a great organization.

I had the opportunity and pleasure of being a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator in VM Class 22 from 2009 to 2010. I was placed at the St. Francis Neighborhood Center where I worked to create a viable Volunteer Program to support The Power Project; a youth development program for young people residing in Reservoir Hill, in Baltimore City.

During my VMC year, I was able to recruit and train more than 30 volunteers to work with, tutor, and enrich the lives of the individuals we affectionately called Power Project Prodigies. Further, I was able to increase program partnership with local organizations and institutions by connecting with Loyola University, UMBC’s Center for Visual Arts and Culture, the Garden Community, Coppin Academy High School, and the St. Joseph’s Church Youth Group.

Now, I sit here at my desk as a Regional Coordinator and I feel as though I’m in the Land of Oz. As a VMC, I had this impression that these people (RC’s and VM staff) worked in this magical castle of a building and made wondrous miracles occur with a flick of their wrists. I worked on the front lines recruiting and managing volunteers and running the volunteer program and looked to VM as my support; kind of like the Wizard.

Now, I see that while impressive, the VM Support Team is comprised of relatively normal people all dedicated to making this a successful and productive year. I still can’t help but feel like I have entered into the Inner Circle; I am now a cog in the wheel that makes magic happen.

That being said, I have big plans for this year. First of which involve me making this the most educational year that I can. I want to learn everything that I can in not just within my profession, but also in life. I’ve learned two things about myself during this past year: I can’t do anything while scared and I love to learn.

I’m looking forward to this year and am excited to be in this position; traveling through Oz (not the prison) with the VM support team!


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