The Power of Appreciation

What a note of thanks can do!

In a world of electronic communication, a handwritten thank you note carries such meaning.  Today I received two handwritten, sent in the mail, notes from Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.  They each expressed appreciation for the Pre-Service Training we just finished.  None of us do this work for a pat on the back, but it’s sure nice to get one from time to time.

It’s the same with volunteers, of course.  We talk a lot about how to recognize volunteers for the service they do to make our communities stronger and healthier.  During training, we dedicate time to brainstorming recognition ideas for volunteers of different motivations and ideas for budgets of varying sizes (including the all-too-common $0 budget).  Some organizations hold yearly luncheons and give awards; others send out press releases or write volunteer success stories in newsletters.

There are a million different ways to say “thank you” to a volunteer.  Sometimes a simple expression of appreciation can keep a volunteer going during a tough day or after a challenging moment with a client.  Appreciation aids in volunteer retention, which helps all of us get a little closer to meeting our missions.  So, today, I encourage you to follow in the footsteps of these two Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.  Find a way to say thank you before the day is up.  You never know how much it will mean.


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