2011 – 2012

Barb Cooke, Peer Leader: Barb supports first-year coordinators and Volunteer Maryland staff, facilitating regional meetings and resource sharing to develop strong volunteer and service-learning programs.  She is passionate about service and collaboration.  Barb served as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator in VM Class 23 at Partners in Care, a time exchange community non-profit supporting older adults aging in place.  Barb home schooled for 15 years prior to serving with Volunteer Maryland.  She holds a Masters of Arts in Human Development and is masterful at coordinating resources.

Joy Johnson, Peer Leader: Joyell served as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator in VM Class 23 at the Banneker-Douglass Museum in Annapolis.  Before joining VM, she was a student at Washington College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities with a minor in Black Studies.  In her spare time, Joyell volunteers in and around Maryland to raise domestic violence awareness, empower youth, and preserve Black history and culture.

Maureen K. Eccleston, Director:  Still here and still blogging!  Only now, instead of working toward a Master’s degree, Maureen actually has one.

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