Connections, Information, Ideas

2010 was a rough year for many nonprofit organizations as we continued to fight a depressed economy.  One of the challenges we often saw was an increased need for collaboration without the opportunity to do so.  Many in our sector rely on conferences and workshops to network, but tight operational budgets often made attending such events impossible.  So, we put our heads together at VM to find an outlet to help local organizations learn more about what’s going on in our communities and how we can work together to solve problems.

Starting January 18, we’re hosting a series of networking and information sessions across the State.  For 90 minutes, we’ll provide a platform for you to meet others in the field and share information about your mission.  We’ll also share information about our Volunteer Maryland Coordinator program and, hopefully, we’ll all make some connections to help everyone move forward this year.

This is a new format for us and we’re excited to see how it goes.  We’ll be the convener and coffee-bringer.  Please join us, and spread the word to those who can bring the cause and the conversation.  All of the dates and locations are posted here.

Together, let’s make it a great 2011.  Happy New Year!


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