A Little Something New

Nearly a year ago, we started this blog. It had been a long time coming and it was an exciting launch. Since then, we’ve featured posts on many different subjects relevant to the nonprofit sector and, in particular, to those in volunteer management and the AmeriCorps world. When we launched, I hoped that you’d get some inspiration from hearing the stories of our writers; what I found is how inspired I was to read them, as well as how much new information I received – and hope you have, too. Now I’m excited to tell you about a new development in our blog, the introduction of guest bloggers.

One of the purposes of our blog is to show the experience of AmeriCorps members serving with VM. You already hear from Megan and Corrine (as well as all of our bloggers from our previous service year), and now we’re going deeper into the field and getting the first-person perspective. Because, while I’d love to tell their stories, I’m no Andy Goodman.

As Corrine and Megan continue to share their insights as Regional Coordinators, I hope you enjoy the additions of our guest bloggers. Stay tuned – they will debut before the month is up!


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