A Song for the Second Half

As part of the closing activity for our VM Coordinator Mid-Year Retreat, our Program Manager Laura asked each of us to share a song title or lyric that represented how we’re going to approach the second half of the AmeriCorps service year.  Everyone, staff included, shared something.  Some were funny, some were heartfelt, some were songs I didn’t know at all.  There was “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” “Float On,” and “Bust a Move.”  I selected Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.”

I chose this song, not only because listening to Freddy Mercury makes everything better, but because it speaks to the need to see something through to completion.  Going into the second half of the service year, we will all face challenges, but we must be determined to see it through.  An actor or musician must sometimes perform when s/he doesn’t want to; s/he does it for the audience.  The same is true for AmeriCorps members.  Sometimes you might not want to face yet another challenge, but we must  in order to meet our mission, to make our communities stronger, to leave something positive behind for our clients.

Leaving the retreat on Friday afternoon, happily singing along to Queen, I heard another wonderful lyric that made me think of this particular group of AmeriCorps members – our Class 23.

“You had your time, you had the power.

You’ve yet to have your finest hour.”

Mr. Mercury may have been singing about the radio, but for me this is all about our AmeriCorps members.  In the next few months, I think they’ll be amazed to see what they can accomplish.  For all they’ve done so far, they have yet to see their finest hour.


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