A Promise

The following is a guest post from Patrice Beverly, VM’s Outreach Manager.

A dreary Tuesday morning is usually not something that inspires a post; however this dreary Tuesday morning was an exception.  I was inspired!  I was energized!  I got to see organizations get money!  Not a common occurrence in these ever-trying times.  In a nutshell, attending the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Maryland’s 2011 Grant Award Breakfast was chicken soup for this service soul.

On April 12, 29 organizations across Maryland became empowered to fill the gaps in services and support for women and their families who are dealing with breast cancer, and to provide screening and education to uninsured or underinsured.   Nearly $2.5 million was awarded to hospitals and nonprofits in Maryland to fund collaborative and innovative breast cancer education, screening, treatment and support projects that reach women and families. Up to 75 % of the money raised through events such as Komen Maryland Race for the Cure remains right here in Maryland.  The remaining 25% of funds raised supports national research, often taking place at Maryland institutions.  All of this from a promise made to a sister that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever.  That promise has turned into free mammograms; meals delivered to women undergoing treatment; outreach to underserved communities, and continued progress towards a cure.

This day was all about promise, and hope, and continuing to struggle on when the struggle seems so overwhelming.  We all need days like this.  A time to come together to encourage and honor programs and services that make our communities healthier and stronger.  An important thing to remember as budgets get tighter and services become more precious.  It’s good to celebrate.  It’s good to encourage.  It’s good to get money.  But mostly it’s good to remember that promise of service, and support in the hopes that one day it won’t be needed.  Congratulations to all of the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Maryland grantees.


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