Through the Busy-ness

The following is a guest post from Barb Cooke, Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at Partners In Care.

Our Volunteer Maryland Class spent a couple of days this past March at our mid-year retreat at the tranquil Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center. The closing remarks from the Volunteer Maryland Staff were to brace ourselves for the frantic activity of the upcoming season. I was well aware of the “burst” associated with the spring, lots of quick movement popping up all over, consistent with the spring phase in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even though I was expecting the “busy-ness,” I was not prepared for this.

At the end of April I was really stressed. I had too much going on and I was really disappointed that my nominee, Margaret, for the Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award had received “Honorable Mention.” Then Wednesday I got a “hat trick!” I opened my email and read that I had received a “shout out” in the VM newsletter. Well, that was pretty awesome, thanks Megan! Next, I saw that @AARPMaryland was now following my tweets @exchangetime. Not too shabby, especially since that week I was focusing on a conference on aging that was taking place in San Francisco. I must have done OK since I was here in lovely Pasadena, MD, and “followers” were giving me dining recommendations near the Golden Gate Bridge! Shhh. . .mums the word. . .there have to be fewer calories in a virtual meal! That’s already a good day for me. Next thing I know, Margaret sauntered back to my cubby. Margaret wanted to know if she could have a copy of the nomination that I had written about her for the Governor’s Award.  As I headed of the printer, I swallowed back the tears. I was so moved that Margaret wanted to read the nomination I had written.

I “walked around on cloud nine” the rest of the day. I was still up there that evening when my husband, John, returned from a few days at a corporate retreat. He was all fired up about the keynote address given by some guy from the West Coast he had never heard of. . .Guy Kawasaki!!! I couldn’t believe it. I had recently given him a list of books for the next order. On it was Guy’s latest, Enchantment, and his colleague, Seth Godin’s book, Poke the Box. Guess now he’ll be rifling through my nightstand to get the Wired and Fast Company our sons and I have been reading for years. Ha! It took him a while to discover Malcolm Gladwell, too!


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