Looking Forward, and Back

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost June.  That means we have just over two months (two months!) left in the service year for VM23!  This time last year, I was serving as a VMC at Cylburn Arboretum and starting to think about what I’d do at the end of the service year.  I’m in a similar place now as a Regional Coordinator, considering where I could work come August and searching for jobs where I can use the skills I’ve gained this year.  As I write cover letters and submit applications, it’s helpful to look back at my Regional Coordinator application that I submitted last year and remind myself why I wanted to do the job I have now.  Here’s what I said when asked why I wanted to be a part of Volunteer Maryland:

As a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator (VMC), I have connected with others who are passionate about service and who have a desire to share that passion with others by recruiting and managing volunteers.  My fellow VMCs come from widely varying backgrounds, but all of them are strong, passionate people who have a drive to make change.  I am honored to be one of them.  I see the work they are doing and I hope that I am as impactful as they are.  I want to continue to serve with Volunteer Maryland so that I can see a new class of VMCs make what will hopefully be an even greater impact.  I want to be a Regional Coordinator so that I can be a small piece of the change that each of them makes, supporting and encouraging them, and sharing their success.

A year later, those words still ring true.  This year’s class of VMCs is different from last year’s in many ways, but their passion for what they do definitely shines through and they’ve each had a big impact on the organizations where they serve.  As a Regional Coordinator, I’ve helped the VMCs I support get through challenging times at their sites and I’ve also had the chance to share in their successes.  When I look back at what drew me to AmeriCorps in the first place, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve continued to impact others’ journeys through service over the course of this year.  As I search for post-service jobs, that ability to change the lives of others is definitely going to be one of my top requirements.  I hope that I can find a job that will allow me to have as much of an impact, to reach as many different people, as I have done here at Volunteer Maryland.  It has been a great nine months so far and I’m excited to see what these last two months will bring!

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