Are you part of our next class?

Seriously, what in the world happened to June?  It was just a minute ago that I was blogging from the National Conference on Volunteering and Service and now, here I am, looking July straight in the face.  Remember how summers as a kid went on forever and ever?  I’m longing for a bit of that right now!

Summer is an interesting time at Volunteer Maryland.  It’s the time of year when we truly live in two worlds.  Our current AmeriCorps members continue to serve at the sites, while we plan for finales and summer celebrations.  All the while, potential AmeriCorps members are coming in and out of our office as they are interviewed for Volunteer Maryland Coordinator positions.  It’s always a bittersweet time, as we plan our goodbyes at the same time we start saying hellos.

On June 16, we formally launched into the recruitment season (though we’ve been running ads and attending career fairs since the Spring) with our new Site Supervisor Orientation.  After months of reviewing applications and negotiating partnerships, we have a pretty good sense  our partner sites for the upcoming year.  The Site Supervisor Orientation gives us a few hours to look at the VM program model, clarify roles in the partnership, clarify expectations, and prepare for recruitment, selection, and a VM service year.  It really is a fun day, as it’s just all about potential.

On this day, we envision the perfect Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.  We dream about the impact they will have within organizations and the impact their volunteers will have on our clients and communities.  It’s a day for dreaming – and a day for the realities of planning to reach the dream.

See, finding the right Volunteer Maryland Coordinator is no easy feat, especially when we receive well over 300 applications for just 30 open positions.  We see incredibly qualified applicants, with all levels of experience and education.  We interview applicants who are looking for professional development opportunities and others who are looking to find their passion in service.  Our job is to make sure the applicants are the right fit for VM, for the Service Sites, and for the AmeriCorps experience.  And, of course, all of that needs to be a good fit for the goals of the applicant.

See, if the person isn’t the right fit, we don’t get to replace them.  If the placement doesn’t work out, then everyone loses.  We don’t get to refill the position with another candidate and the person doesn’t get the advantages, both tangible and not, that come with completing an AmeriCorps year with VM.  Being a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator is not a “job;” it’s a true service commitment.  And so our recruitment, screening, and matching process has to vet for that.

VMCs hold words: persistant, focused, take initiative, engagement, collaborative, determined, motivated
Current Volunteer Maryland Coordinators show what it takes to be successful.

So we’re on the hunt for the right people.  We’re searching for individuals who are highly qualified and extremely passionate.  We’re looking for candidates who want to be part of the Volunteer Maryland community and the AmeriCorps network.  We’re looking for people who are interested in learning, willing to sacrifice, and able to give of themselves for the benefit of others.  We are looking for Volunteer Maryland’s 24th class of change agents.

Think you’re one of them?  Then it’s time to start your application.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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