Shake It Up

The following is a guest post from Patrice Beverly, VM’s Outreach Manager.

Like many East Coasters yesterday I experienced a rare and attention getting event, an earthquake.  It was startling.  It was confusing.  It was really cool.  I can say that as there were no serious injuries, and other then the hour I got to spend outside with my co-workers on a really splendid late August day, there was no inconvenience.  But on my drive home last night I got to thinking, when was the last time I had a good shake?  Not the earth moving kind obviously, but when have I made a conscious decision to shake things up?  It’s pretty easy to get into a routine, and let’s be honest, a routine can feel cozy.  Like coffee in the morning.  Routine is built into my position here at Volunteer Maryland.  I pretty much know what each season brings from working with organizations to build relationships and plans for effective volunteer programs, to my summer of interviews with individuals looking to become a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator.  In its own way it is very cozy, and I feel confident in my ability to do this well.  But I can always do better.  That earth shake was a good reminder to me that nothing is a given, and you have to keep looking for new ways to feel that edge.  To feel uncertain ground but be excited about the process of discovery.  So my post earthquake goal is to keep shaking it up.  To find ways that my role within Volunteer Maryland keeps moving, and doesn’t fall into the cozy routine.  You may be asking, is this some kind of near death going to make big changes kind of epiphany?  No, but just a good reminder that movement can be good even when it feels a bit scary.

Hopefully over the next few months I can talk more about new things we are trying or different approaches to creating relationships with organizations.  How Volunteer Maryland continues to look for innovative approaches in volunteer management and program development.  To shake our collective brain cells everyday to be better.  So this morning I took a different route to work, and had tea instead of coffee.  Not earth moving changes for sure, but it sure felt different, and with different comes new thoughts and ideas.  So shake it up out there today, and maybe I will see you on the road to different.

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