Abby Becker – St. Francis Neighborhood Center

Abby Becker made her way to Baltimore by way of the mountains of West Virginia.  She attended Goucher College, earned a degree in Peace Studies and Philosophy, and was awarded the Katz Creative Writing Fellowship to travel and conduct research in the Middle East.  Abby is the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at St. Francis Neighborhood Center in Baltimore, MD.  Abby volunteered with St. Francis last year and admired their work and philosophy.  “When I found out that a position was opening, I was so excited at the prospect of being a part of an organization that is effecting real social change,” she said.  Abby will work to recruit mentors; art, music, and dance aides; and workshop leaders to serve in The Power Project at St. Francis Neighborhood Center.  She’ll also work to develop volunteer leaders that will ensure the sustainability of the volunteer program.  Abby hopes to gain volunteer management and program development skills and looks forward to being a part of a nonprofit that accomplishes so much.


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