George Connelly – Job Opportunities Task Force: Baltimore CASH Campaign

When you meet George Connelly, the first thing you realize is he is completely open.  Open to experiences, to sharing his knowledge, and to learning more about communities.  After college, George worked on various campaigns, and has devoted much of his free time to local organization such as BARCS and GLCCB.   When he saw the opportunity to be the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the Job Opportunities Task Force and the Baltimore CASH Campaign, an organization he already volunteered with, he jumped at the chance.  “As someone that grew up in a home with less than great financial circumstances and had previously volunteered with my Service Site, the mission of ending poverty and helping low income individuals and families grow their assets to get out of poverty really resonated with me,” George said.  George will recruit volunteers that will work to increase financial security for low-income Baltimore families by serving as Tax Volunteers, Financial Resource Volunteers, FAFSA Preparers, Skills Based Volunteers, Economic Security Initiative Volunteers, CASH Coaches, and Money Power Day Volunteers.


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