Carol Ferdock – The Light House

Of all her achievements, Carol Ferdock is most proud of her five year old daughter, Grace.  “She is happy, smart, and loves being a kid.  She is the most important thing in my life and I want to teach her about social issues and how she can make a difference.”  This may have had a lot to do with Carol’s decision to serve as the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with The Light House – A Homeless Prevention Support Center in Annapolis, MD.  Prior to Volunteer Maryland, Carol always worked with companies in the for-profit world; the notion of working within a nonprofit came about through a conversation with a friend.  She had always wanted to do work that made a difference, especially within the issues of homelessness.  Carol is looking to gain skills in managing and directing people, which she will surely gain this year; the Annapolis Lighthouse Shelter works with over 140 individual volunteers and over 300 groups and aims to expand that number to meet the needs of their community.  Carol said it best when reflecting on her reason to commit to AmeriCorps service, “I am doing this because I want to teach my child how to give back in the community and I believe that I can only teach her by being a role model and doing it myself.”


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