Katie Lee – Community Support Services

So many things to know about Katie Lee!  She has her Juris Doctorate, writes in her spare time, is a Vietnamese immigrant, and has a sweet tooth (cupcakes being her main sweet squeeze).  She is also a person who volunteers and has been a volunteer coordinator.  Through her experiences, Katie sees the tremendous need that exists in the nonprofit sector and the lack of resources.  “Most nonprofits are getting incredible things done on shoestring budgets and with literally two people doing the work of 10,” Katie said.  “It’s incredibly humbling to see but, at the same time, awe-inspiring and very motivating.”  This year Katie is the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Community Support Services in Gaithersburg, MD.  Katie’s work will focus on planning and implementing a new peer mentor program at Community Support Services, matching volunteers with an individual with autism or a developmental disability.  Katie is hoping to gain experience in program development and management, and expand her personal and professional network.  She also hopes that her work continues to support people with developmental disabilities and autism leading dignified and independent lives.


2 thoughts on “Katie Lee – Community Support Services

  1. Katie

    Lynelle –

    Miss you and your fabulous style too darlin’! Be seeing you next week and can’t wait to hear about your on-site adventures!

    – Katie

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