Marie McSweeney – Digital Harbor High School

“I would say that one of the best things to know about me is I believe every day is an opportunity to be better, do more, and be more,” said Marie McSweeney when asked to descried herself.  A recent graduate from Loyola University Maryland, Marie has taken on the challenge of the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator role at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore, MD, recruiting volunteers to serve as mentors and tutors and engaging parents in active roles in their students’ education.  Marie has always been passionate about serving the needs of the community and is an active volunteer within several agencies around Baltimore.  Even with all of that, Marie states that she has never really understood what goes on behind the scenes of a successful nonprofit organization.  Through her AmeriCorps service, Marie hopes to learn everything she can and gain experience so she can continue to serve her community and work in the nonprofit field.   Another good thing to know about Marie?  She loves all things that begin with the letter P – purple, pandas, pickles, and especially people.


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