Bilqis Rock – Health Care for the Homeless

Bilqis Rock is Maryland native, with 60 years of family history in Silver Spring.  She is proud of her family and how they’ve helped her form values of achievement and service to her community.  This influence led Bilqis to volunteer for everything from a puppet theater to an organic farm.   Bilqis recently earned her Master’s of Social Work and found that she is most interested in working with organizations to serve community needs.  During her second year MSW internship with a small nonprofit in Baltimore, MD, she was able to coordinate a number of volunteer events, managing 50 volunteers in total, and found this aspect of her position very satisfying.  After graduating, she began to seek out volunteer coordinator positions with organizations in the area.  “I was thrilled to come across the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position with Health Care for the Homeless in Baltimore City,” Bilqis said.  “This is exactly what I want to be doing!  My personal and professional goals for this year are very compatible with the goals of Volunteer Maryland and the position at Health Care for the Homeless.”  She is looking forward to working with the staff to determine how and where volunteers can fit into existing systems, and creating orientations, trainings, and other support measures for the staff and volunteers.


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