Carin Starr – Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

Carin Starr loves being near water.  Either in it or on it, Carin has spent the better part of her life protecting and conserving our natural environment.  She started a nonprofit organization in Northwest Ohio to conserve, educate, and protect native habitat and hopes to continue this progress as she serves as the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Eastern Shore Land Conservancy (ESLC).  “Newly arrived on the Eastern Shore, I was interested in working in conservation and had some experience with volunteers,” said Carin.  “I thought being a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator would be a good match for my long-term goals.”  She brings her knowledge and passion to ESLC, as she works on the sustainability of the volunteer program and explores ways ESLC volunteers can help keep public lands open and enjoyable.   Carin’s goal is to learn more about how volunteer programs work and be of help to nonprofits.  “I am intensely aware of the fact that we cannot create a better world without volunteering.  People serving in an area of their interest and concern is key to getting the job done, whatever each volunteer determines that job to be.”


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