Jackson Webb – Greenwell Foundation

Jackson Webb is a “tell it like it is” kind of person.  He is also driven, fair, and likes working outside of his comfort zone.  So he is pretty clear about why he was interested in being the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Greenwell Foundation in Hollywood, MD.  “I make no qualms that I am doing this to test myself and my ability to organize, motivate, and enrich a volunteer’s experience. This is what I would consider a stepping stone to my own personal big-league work possibly with USAID, Bikes For The World, and Peace Corps,” Jackson said.   Jackson will recruit volunteers that will provide nature education, help and support the Therapeutic Riding program, serve as Volunteer Junior Counselors with the summer camp, help with kayaking, and provide help with park maintenance and upkeep.


2 thoughts on “Jackson Webb – Greenwell Foundation

  1. Justin

    Hey man is that 11-month ameri corps program still going on at Greenwell? I have a friend who is interested and I told him I would look into this for him.

    I dont know if you remember me but we have met before. I worked at Greenwell Summer camp the past couple summers. Good to see you snagged this position. And good luck. Im sure Ill see you at some point if your going to be at greenwell.


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