You are Invited. . .

Have you already started juggling holiday invitations?  Punchbowl, Evite etc. make inviting party guests and accepting invitations a cinch.  I wonder if anyone is doing the metrics to see if more RSVPs are received electronically than via snail mail?  Poor Miss Manners!  Etiquette has gone by the wayside.  A friend of mine recently had to call invited guests to her son’s wedding because they did not send their RSVPs and she had to give the caterer a “head count.”  While the information age has made life faster, it’s not always the answer.  There was recently some email traffic in my inbox regarding “best volunteers needed” websites. . .and there are plenty!  In this post though, I want to remind you about the Personal Ask.   Put on your very best spin and be humble enough to grovel when necessary!  Flattery also works really well. . .”we couldn’t have pulled off _______ without you, hope you’re planning to come on ______”.  Mine all those holiday get togethers. . .and do a little celebrating of the season while you are at it!


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