Tribes. . .and Technology


Over the recent holidays I had the luxury of delving deeply into my Inbox. This was a welcomed opportunity since usually I am caught up in daily hubbub. I typically attend to the items that demand an immediate response and “save” the ones needing more time, attention or reflection. I do not recommend this approach to inbox management—it’s just my form of survival– quick snacks without ever sitting down for a nutritious meal. My “saved” folder was overflowing. And after sifting through it last week, I chose a couple of gems to share with you to kick off the New Year.

In December, a site visit conflicted with a TechSoup training I’d hoped to participate in: Training an Invisible Audience, Delivering Effective Webinars. In true TechSoup fashion, the slides and recording are available. Stephanie Gerding and Kyla Hunt practice what they preach. Hands down, this was the most engaging and enlightening webinar I’ve done, even after the fact! The presenters put the audience at ease, imparted practical information and sprinkled in a healthy dose of humor. The only thing more daunting than a room of hundreds of people must be an audience you don’t see. If you’ve never participated in a TechSoup training, they are top notch. Put one on your “resolutions” list for this year.

Another highlight of the week was the less than 20 minutes I spent watching a TED Talk from a couple of years ago, “Seth Godin on the Tribes we lead.” He shares some insights I think are pertinent to volunteer management. Listen to his presentation. Very briefly, he postulates people hunger for connection and leadership. Seth says tell a story that connects, creates community, and people will follow toward a common goal. He gives some well known examples of leaders who have done this, and closes by challenging the attendees to practice changing the world themselves. Don’t watch it unless you want to feel empowered.

What holiday highlights do you have to share? New Year’s resolutions? No fail inbox management strategies?


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