Burning Socks

I’ve puffed up a good bit since going flat last week.  Alas, #AmeriCorpsWorks week has come to an end and I miss it already.  I enjoyed celebrating service and the connection AmeriCorps members, past and present, have to one another.  An added benefit of the celebration was having a buffer from all the unsavory things going on.  There was less attention to give to things like the KONY video, the army sergeant who opened fire on civilians in Afghanistan, and the county executive who can not behave himself. More recently, someone is shooting people in Toulouse, France.  Ugghhh. . .

 Thank goodness it is the first day of spring.  “Beware the Ides of March” is history and the green drinks have been put away until next year. Bring out the Rites of Spring!  The line for a free Italian ice at Rita’s Italian Ice is causing traffic jams. The sailors are burning socks in Eastport. Pew! We’re taking off our cardigans and singing “Happy Birthday” in honor of Mister Rodgers.  And, to top it off, Esperanza Spalding’s new recording, Chamber Music Society is released today.  I hope I get to listen to some of it as I am packing my AmeriCorps gear and the Volunteer Maryland Walk of Fame (shhh…more on that during National Volunteer Week in April).  All of Volunteer Maryland is heading off to the annual Mid Year Retreat.  This is a much anticipated spring ritual filled with relaxation, learning, goal setting, and entertainment!

  In the meantime, if you need a laugh and some good advice, listen to Kai Ryssdal’s interview with Sara Blakely. Even if most of us on AmeriCorps stipends aren’t reading Forbes Magazine, Sara offers useful insights and Kai is hilarious.  While you are at it, give Chamber Music Society a listen.

 Please, “Be a Good Neighbor.”  You did learn everything you need to know in kindergarten:    


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