Volunteer Walk of Fame

National Volunteer Week is just around the corner!  Are you looking for a fun, simple, almost no cost, way to tell your volunteers how great they are? Present them with a Volunteer Walk of Fame.  You need:  cardboard (rescue a box from the recycling), a sharpie, a box cutter, a roll of plastic red table cover ( I had some left over from a party), painters tape, spray adhesive and gold wrapping paper (both available at Michaels). 

  1. Make a star template and trace the stars on the cardboard with the sharpie.  




2.    Use the box cutter to cut the stars out.


 3.     Unroll the gold wrapping paper and trace around the stars on the back side; cut the stars out of the wrapping paper.





4.    Spray the adhesive on the back side of wrapping paper and carefully place on the cardboard star.  Allow to dry.

5.    Print the names of your Hall of Famers on cardstock and cut to fit the stars.  Glue to the stars using the spray adhesive.

6.  On location, unroll the red table cover.  Tape to the floor on the underside with the painters tape.  Place the stars on the “red carpet” and tape in place.  After the celebration, the stars can be easily removed for a keepsake!

1 thought on “Volunteer Walk of Fame

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