Charm City’s Rite of Spring

In the Volunteer Maryland Support Team meeting this week each of us shared highlights of the service year to date. One of the highlights I shared was my introduction to two restaurants that immediately became go to’s: Lemongrass and Nando’s Peri Peri. Later this week I anticipate encountering another highlight, the annual Baltimore FlowerMart at Mt. Vernon. It’s “Baltimore’s rite of spring.” When I solicited “Upcoming Events” from the Volunteer Maryland Coordinators for the May Volunteer Coordinator newsletter, the VMC serving at Project PLASE sent a plea for volunteers to help at the “Purses for PLASE” booth at the FlowerMart. I’d like to say it was the “goodness of you heart. . .” as Faith put it; but, I could hardly disregard, “. . .or your love of purses” she included in her plea.   All the proceeds benefit Project PLASE and I could work it into my schedule, so I signed on. Then, Faith sent me an email that included:
Dress code is FUN! We might be lifting boxes here and there, so you should definitely wear comfortable clothing, but we want to be colorful and noticeable! Flower Mart’s colors this year are green, pink, and black. Project PLASE’s color is, as always, purple!

There was also this “eye candy” signature:How could I resist? I checked out the event’s website. There is so much going on: vendors, entertainment, pet parade, contests, local non profits, and the signature treat: lemon sticks! I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll decorate a hat. The important questions are: Do I really need ballroom couture? How will I resist a pet that needs a home? And, of course, can I get the lemon sticks back to the car and home to Anne Arundel County?  The next time you are recruiting volunteers, use some of Faith’s “can’t resist” techniques.  I used a few this week recruiting for Destination AmeriCorps volunteers (which is next Friday!) and they worked like a charm.

1 thought on “Charm City’s Rite of Spring

  1. Absolutely never thought of you as swayed by eye candy! Yet…YES!

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