Was Your Destination AmeriCorps?

On May 11, AmeriCorps members from across the state flocked to the Mount Washington Conference Center to attend this year’s Destination AmeriCorps (DAC).  This event was birthed in 2010 by AmeriCorps members for AmeriCorps members.  It has since blossomed into a mecca for members and one of Volunteer Maryland’s annual events.  This year we doubled our attendance and the sunny weather did not hurt either.  Thank you to the programs represented and the members who made this a memorable event for all of us!

DAC event aside, I pose the question “Was your destination really AmeriCorps?”  I am asked this question frequently because I am going to be lawyer and some people don’t see the connection.  AmeriCorps was not a back up plan for me.  I wanted to be part of the AmeriCorps network because I knew the positive impact members have on the United States and I wanted to join the movement.  I was not ready for law school two years ago, but I wanted to gain substantial experience in public interest work.  Naturally, I chose Volunteer Maryland.  Being an AmeriCorps is anything but a year (or two) off!  I feel more prepared for a career in law now that I have served with Volunteer Maryland for two years.  During AmeriCorps Week, I shared the skills I have developed since joining AmeriCorps two years ago.  The list has grown since then and I will be forever grateful to AmeriCorps.

A hand full of my colleagues are wanting to join AmeriCorps for the first time, or continue for another year because of the professional and personal benefits!  If you are currently serving as a member or an alum, was your destination AmeriCorps?  For programs hosting members, why were you interested in having an AmeriCorps member at your site?

6 thoughts on “Was Your Destination AmeriCorps?

  1. It was wonderful to attend the event and spread the word about NCCC along with meeting so many other amazing AmeriCorps members and learning about their passions and programs. Thanks again Volunteer Maryland for putting it on, and please keep us posted in future years!

  2. Joy,

    Thanks for sharing your insights after two years of AmeriCorps service. I feel the same way. I graduated in 2009, worked for a year, and will be completing my second term of service with Public Allies at the end of July.

    I think my destination was always AmeriCorps even before I knew about it, but one of the most important things I’ve learned after serving for two years is the importance of being a lifelong learner. That being said, AmeriCorps and Public Allies were only one destination for me and there will be many more destinations, experiences, and lessons to come. The important and amazing thing is that AmeriCorps prepared me for any destination.

    Thanks for your wonderful post and for hosting such a great event!

  3. Thank you, Tristan and Dara for your comments. It really was fantastic to network with other AmeriCorps members at Destination AmeriCorps, share our experiences, and learn about other programs in Maryland! I agree with you Dara, AmeriCorps has prepared me for any destination as well. 🙂

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