Volunteer Maryland/AmeriCorps = Happiness

Did you kick start summer this Memorial Day weekend? I sure did. Two highlights were a surprise visit from one of my kids and a picnic. Sunday I joined out of town friends at Pen Mar Park. Pen Mar is unadulterated Americana, including a Big Band concert and dancing! A lesser highlight was cleaning out my “desk”. I used quotation marks because being on the road quite a bit the last two weeks; I have spent little time at a desk. I have been in the car using my bag as my desk. Among the pages of “notes to myself” I found the latest edition of the IC VIEW, the Magazine of Ithaca College. “Hmmm,” I thought, “I’m sure there was a reason I put this in here.” Once I opened it up, I remembered that the featured articles were about “happiness.” Writer Keith Davis examines “The Pursuit of Happiness” and asks, “Is happiness a choice?” The section that really caught my eye was “10 Core Values that are essential to happiness.” I reflected after reading this that serving with Volunteer Maryland as an AmeriCorps member offers the opportunity to experience some of the values Douglas Ramm identified as enhancing happiness.

-Mutual sharing in interpersonal relationships
-Food, clothing, shelter
-Money to get the other nine values (Ok, the stipend may fall short here.)
-Rewarding occupation (The shortfall on the stipend is made up for here.)
-Good health
-Security of not losing the other values

You can take a happiness inventory and read the entire article here. And, if you are looking for an opportunity to gain skills and experience (that enhance happiness!), check out the information sheet and application to be member of Volunteer Maryland Class 25. AmeriCorps Works and enhances happiness!

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Maryland/AmeriCorps = Happiness

  1. I plan to take a happiness inventory soon!

  2. it would be great to have a life full of happines..

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