VM Peer Leader Diaries: The Homestretch

June is here, can you believe it?!  This means that the Volunteer Maryland Coordinators (VMCs) and Peer Leaders have served eight months and have two more to go.  For the last few weeks, I have been traveling through the state of Maryland with Program Manager, Laura, to attend site visits for the Hakuna Matata region.  As some of you may recall, site visits are conducted twice a year at each of the organizations Volunteer Maryland (VM) has partnered with.  There are twelve Service Sites and VMCs that make up the Hakuna Matata region and eleven in the Barbarians region.  It has been a pleasure to tagalong with Laura because she has been doing a fantastic job facilitating each of the site visits.

Site visit season won’t come to an end until next week, but June is a turning month for all of VM’s AmeriCorps members.  Several Service Sites have been fortunate enough to hire, or request funding for, a full time volunteer  coordinator.  For the VMCs who will be passing the torch to another volunteer coordinator, these next two months will be full of their daily responsibilities, as well as preparing materials as leave behinds so there is a smooth transition for the next person filling their position.  Other Service Sites will need to spread the management of the volunteer program among staff.  This will require the VMC at each of these Service Sites to not only prepare materials to explain managing the volunteer program, but also orient the staff members before July 31. The Peer Leaders are in similar situations with the VMCs because they, too, have daily responsibilities, and need to create materials to leave behind at their host sites.  Lots to do, but as AmeriCorps members we will “get things done!”

I am looking forward to the next two months as things continue to come together for the Service Sites, VMCs, host sites, and Peer Leaders.  We are definitely in the homestretch of the service year and want to complete it successfully.  There are bound to be plenty of highlights to share in the next two months so don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted!  Enjoy this AmeriFriday.

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