Rose it and thorn it while going off the rails on the volunteer train!

Mid-Year Retreat in St. Michael’s, MD.

Wednesday, June 13, was the last In-Service Training for VM24.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  VM staff, the Volunteer Maryland Coordinators (VMCs), and Peer Leaders came together for one last training, and boy oh boy was it fun!  We kicked off the day with the Barb’s region of VMCs, the Barbarians and my region, Hakuna Matata, competing to win VM Jeopardy.  This is the second time the two regions have played this game, and it was as intense as the previous time.  Both teams are very competitive so you can imagine the intensity when both bells rang to answer the question.  Although it was intense (if you want to call it that), there was lots of laughter, high fives, and support.  Jeopardy was a great opener for the day.

Following that activity we listened to guest speakers, Patrick Hibben and Jay Caplan from New York Life, give us an update on the economy and what we can prepare for.  I was grateful to speak with them following their presentation because they are both very knowledgeable of how to have an economic plan, even for an AmeriCorps member.

The absolute best part of the day was the time we spent in demonstrating our reflection on the service year.  Our instructions were to reflect on the good, bad, and in between moments of this service year in our two regions, then put together a short demonstration to present to the whole group.  Hakuna Matata did a remix version of the Honda Pilot commercial and replaced “crazy” with “volunteer.”  The Barbarians did the rose and thorn activity that included both regions.  In a circle we shared our “rose” for the year and also a “thorn.”

Overall, I’d say it was a great last training  Now we anxiously wait for the Finale on July 31!

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