Four Goodies From My Inbox

Do you ever get your mail, thumb through it, and put everything right in the recycling? That’s a pretty regular process for me. Frequently, my inbox is the same. This week though, I was pleasantly surprised to find several gems! I thought I’d share them with you.

Here is the link to Heather Mansfield’s post on NonProfitOrgs blog from Monday. She gives many examples of what she has determined are appropriate photos to post. However, I found her guidance regarding taking photos especially useful. She is a fierce advocate for social media managers.

Ritu Sharma, Executive Director of Social Media for Nonprofits, wrote a guest post on Socialbrite. Here is a 

from their new website featuring the enchanting Guy Kawasaki. Do you know the pillars of effective social media? How to be enchanting?

The Wild Apricot Blog was really juicy recently, pun intended. A couple of highlights include: a post from Amy Luckey.  She suggests nonprofits consider not only what they do, but, also, what they get accomplished. Amy got me thinking! The answers are definitely not the same.

The other highlight is a useful guest post by Brad Aronson.  (This is the second place I’ve come across this post so you know it’s worthwhile.)

What is the best your inbox had to offer this week?

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