Ellen Dahill-Brown, Community Alternative Mediation

Ellen Dahill-Brown is originally from Utah and went to college at West Virginia Wesleyan College.  After college, Ellen worked on an archaeological dig in Virginia and then travelled to Australia for six months while gaining her Master Scuba Diving Instructor Certification.  So why Volunteer Maryland?  “I applied because I had a friend that had completed a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA, and I thought this would be a great opportunity,” Ellen said.  Ellen will serve with Community Alternative Mediation (CALM) in Frederick, MD recruiting volunteer mediators to work with community members to help work through conflict in a peaceful and effective manner.  One of Ellen’s long-term goals is to manage her own archaeological dig and she hopes having the ability to mediate issues and facilitate discussions will help her when she is in far off places.


2 thoughts on “Ellen Dahill-Brown, Community Alternative Mediation

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