Kelly Danz, Habitat for Humanity Choptank

Kelly Danz became interested in architecture through studying visual arts in high school.  Through her undergraduate studies at the Catholic University and graduate studies at Columbia University, Kelly saw how architecture has the ability to shape our society and environment.  Why did Kelly decide to do a term of service with Volunteer Maryland?  “I was interested in contributing and giving back to society through volunteering my time and skills and also contributing to my chosen professional through a service experience.”  Kelly will serve with Habitat for Humanity Choptank, recruiting community members from businesses, churches, schools and service organizations to serve in Habitat Choptank’s affordable and energy efficient home construction program.  Kelly is very excited to be able to help others and the environment thorough architecture and looks forward to becoming a registered architect.

Kelly Danz is a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator sponsored by the Chesapeake Conservation Corps.


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