Kaitlyn Fernald, Greenwell Foundation

Kaitlyn Fernald grew up in St. Mary’s County, MD, where she was heavily involved in sports and outside activities that instilled in her a deep respect for nature.  This respect steered Kaitlyn to her current studies in Environmental Management and her Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position with the Greenwell Foundation.  Kaitlyn will focus recruitment efforts on volunteers who will provide weekly nature programs to students from Head Start; Volunteer Junior Counselors to serve in a summer camp that focuses on the outdoor and environmental education; and volunteers for the Therapeutic Riding Program.  Kaitlyn hopes the result of her work this year helps the community by making the volunteer program with the Greenwell Foundation welcoming and rewarding for the people involved and she gains skills and confidence toward her future career goals.


3 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Fernald, Greenwell Foundation

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